Bridge Church | Bridge Builders
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Bridge Builders

Our Bridge Builders ministry is for young teenagers from 6th to 8th grade. At the Bridge we understand the importance of having a time and a place where our teenagers can be challenged and encouraged to follow Jesus despite the pressures they face in middle school. The Bridge Builders ministry will be a safe place for your teen to discuss challenging topics and issues that they may be currently facing in this phase of their lives. In our Bridge Builders ministry we want our teens to not only know the stories of the bible, but also know how it can be related to their current life situations. We want to set a Godly foundation for our young teens that can be transferred into their adult lives.

As a church we understand that we have a responsibility to teach our young people about the Gospel of Jesus and the calling we have to love God and love others. Our Bridge Builders will meet every other Sunday right after worship in our back church area.