Bridge Church | Worship Team
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Worship Team

Worship Vision:

The worship team of the Bridge Church exists to assist us as we develop and deepen our relationship with Him every Sunday morning. We also want to equip the church with a general understanding and knowledge of what worship is through God’s word. So that our worship time will be filled with passion and His presence as we glorify Him.

Worship Experience:

We believe that music is a beautiful vehicle that God desires for His people to use to praise Him! He tells us to praise Him for His mighty deeds, praise Him for His greatness, praise Him with Instruments, praise Him in the sanctuary!!

So that is what we do on Sunday mornings as a body of believers gathered together to lift up His name in praise! When we do this, He does something extraordinary and awesome.. He delights in us! He quiets us with His love and rejoices over us with singing.

The Sunday morning worship experience becomes an exchange of love for love. We are not required to bow, we are not required to submit our hearts and yield to the heavenly one. However, when we do, we open our hearts to receiving the truth from God to build, restore, and revive our souls in way that daily we can go into a hopeless and ungrateful world and be an extension of heaven. We become Jesus hands and feet.

The songs we sing and the prayers we pray prepare our hearts to submit to Lord so we can hear the word he has for His people. The transforming word. It fuels us and propels us. This word bonds us together in like mindedness and changes not only our lives but the lives of every person we come into connection with.

God inhabits the Praises of His people. Through this Habitation we are transformed.

Each of us are responsible to to bring the best gift we can to our Lord and Savior, our hearts. Submitting to the Holy One, engaging with Spirit of the Living God and coming with reverential expectation for His glory to be shown.

Worship Team Events

december, 2018

No Events